Highly Tunes Friendship

As someone says
do what you are good at
and let others do the best
it is people character
that really shows who they are
many people judge others
by their physical appearance
race and religion
but do you remember
how we met
it happens over night
not intended but
we magically grew closer
and before we know it
we love each other more
some people say we’re different
to that point yes!
we’re different but
the same in many ways
as we’ve often proved
i like you,as you like me
and i’m confortable with you
it’s not about submitting
to my viewpoints
nor it is about trying
to convert you to my side
i know for fact
that i have nothing much to offer
like expensive gifts
but knowing you’re always
there through good times and bad
there’s nothing i want more
and thank’s to our
highly tunes friendship.

4 Responses on “Highly Tunes Friendship”

chek says:

I like this one!that was a pretty poem…keep doing what u been doing!keep it up!:)

Elvie Mansorie says:

Poetic in your prose….here i am as i read… powerful longing to be your friend.

zatuul says:

it’s such a wonderfull poems that i ever heard (: i like it.

clairvoyantdestiny (Jhoyce) says:

Thanks Guy’s for making my day.:)
Appreciate it.May you have the best day “everyday!”
Thank’s again.

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