For People To See Eye To Eye

What do you think it will take
for people to see eye to eye
funny how we all seek the same thing
yet somehow never agree
funny how we never heard
but expect to be understood
sad how we react to words
without ever knowing their why
how we choose to ignore
the hurt and fear in another’s eyes
while covering up our own
each struggling to outdo
we’re all the while striving
reaching for the very same thing
ignoring the way we’re living
we prevent the light for being seen
when the wind blows
it touches us all the same
just like when its rains
sunlight touches no one more
there is no discrimination
when heart and hunger pains
a man once tried to imagine
and for a moment the word sang along
but soon words were forgotten
lost in each other’s pride
funny how that works
when we each try to hide
bury the question deep inside
until it quiet moment all alone
feeling rise again
and quiet we whisper
what do you think
it will take my friend
for people to see eye to eye.

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