For A Friend Who Is Unseen But Not Unknown To Me

I think somewhere, sometime, I may find a friend who will be forever true, With a heart of beautiful eternal love Maybe it will be somebody new.

I’ll imagine a heart so very caring
And a willingness to share,
A delightfully sweet sense of humor
With spontaneous care.

He will know how to keep a secret
And when to turn to prayer,
Not needing to always chat
But glad to just “be there”.

Might I search away in the blue yonder?
Or shall I look behind,
I’m feeling such a sweet tickle inside
Someone special is coming to my mind.

Oh then, why should I search so far and wide For a friend of God’s design, When your heart was prepared before I prayed Waiting for me, there all the time.

After I was sure about your presence, I ask you the beneath, on the basis of a true friend—–

If Ever You Need Me
by Paromita herself,
If ever you need me,
I’ll be right there

To chase away the sadness,
And wipe away a tear.

If ever you need me,
I’ll be two steps behind,
To follow in your footsteps,
And hear what’s on your mind.

If ever you need me,
You’ll never have to fear,
That your presence isn’t important,
And your love isn’t dear.

If ever you need me,
I’ll always be around,
To bring back the laughter,
Where deep in your heart it’s found.

You’ll never have to worry,
For I’ll always be here,
To chase away the sadness,
And wipe away a tear

I struggle and I search to try
To find some words anew…
And yet I cannot capture
All the things that make you.

I shall therefore, be satisfied
That you must simply know,
Just how I feel about you,
For with words I cannot show.

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3 Responses on “For A Friend Who Is Unseen But Not Unknown To Me”

mohit vadhera says:

this poem is tooooo good.

paromita says:

Koustav,its for you..

priya says:

very nice…….

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