Choosing Loving And Positive Friends!

Even though one’s friends
Are important in life
What is the point of hanging on friend
With a sharp tongue
That sharper than a sword
And who shamelessly wear a mask
What is the point of hanging onto friend
Who cannot juts be friend
And have a load of negative
Attitude towards you and
Cannot consider where-how-and what
In matter of truths but represents
A symbol of friendship
To be going down to ground zero
What is the point of hanging onto friend
Who can’t say thank’s to good things
And while you say
I care…I hope you too
Only to hurt yourself
And she want you to be is
To go along of what she wants and say
What is the point on hanging onto friend
Who gave no importance of
The friendship that you know
And every now and then
Nothing but an oxygen thief and
Only hurts and lie…

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