A Friend of Mine “MALS”

Malene is the name of a friend
A friend of mine who’s one of the best
Leaving us soon for a career in Singapore
Explore carefully and reach for your dreams
Not to forget us all here who love you so dear
Enjoy every journey that you take, my friend

Pray for your safety wherever you are
And hope for the best that is to come
Live your life to the fullest my friend
And May you do find your happiness
Just always remember I’m here for you
Endless is our friendship; please take it with you…

God Bless you MALS! I will miss you… Take care…

One Comment on “A Friend of Mine “MALS””

Juneah says:

Mals, my friend hope you like this.
Take good care of your self always…
I will surely miss you! love you! mwah!Keep in touch!

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