You Never Had to Love Me

You never had to smile at me,
Or tell me I made you glad.
You never had to say I was special,
Or hug me when I was sad.
You never had to hold my hand,
Or check under my bed.
You never had to laugh with me.
Or when I was sick feel my head.
You never had to drive me to school,
or make sure I was doing my best.
You never had to make me feel beautiful,
Above all the rest.
You never had to walk me down the Isle,
On that very special day.
You never had to protect me,
In every kind of way.
You never had to be proud of me,
Even when I had done something wrong.
But I guess you did all of these things,
Because you loved me all along.
You wanted to be my father
Although you never had to be.
And you loved me more than life itself,
Even though you never had to love me.
I thank you every day,
For choosing to be in my life.
You made me the woman I am,
A good mom and a good wife.
I love you more than anyone,
Could ever comprehend.
I will love all the way,
To the very end.
And then when I see you,
All I want to say,
Is that I never had to love you,
But I love you more every single day.

Category: Father Poems

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hi this is for you….

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Touch Ful ^_^

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