Forever True

Respectful and a loving father as he’ll ever be
On my eyes as well as with my brothers and sisters
Delicate to others feelings most specially to his siblings
Respect and cares enough to his wife and love ones
In his own simple way, he makes sure we’re okay
God fearing, thrust worthy and understanding
Of all his special traits this makes him outstanding.

May I take this special day an opportunity?
And thank you for filling my life with such a beauty
You will always be a wonderful father for me
Of course not to forget how you helped me
Reach for the stars and made my dream come true
Endless as the rainbow is my love for you
So in this day forth I tell you, my love for you will be forever true…

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2 Responses on “Forever True”

Juneah says:

Papa(Rodrigo Mayores), hope you like this poem. I made this one just for you. It’s a simple gift from me to you on this special day.
HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Love you! mwah
(and also advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY!lol)

Baini Benjamin says:

Love you forever papa…

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