For The Daughters – From The Fathers

How proud does he feel,
To be a father,
Even more proud does he feel,
To be the dad of a daughter.

He dearly loves her,
More than he loves his wife,
He really madly loves her,
Much more than his own life.

He guides her right from the day she is born,
He’s the one who teaches her to walk in the lawn,
He’s the one who teaches her to read in the dawn,
And he’s also the one who teaches her to pray
When the day’s gone!

Till now, he’s a loving father,
Of a dear daughter,
Till now he’s a proud father,
Of a cute daughter.

But as time passes by,
She no more needs this old guy,
And all she has gotta say—
Is,— “He knows nothin’ of today.”!!!

Slowly she jumps from the lap of teenage,
And enters the gate of adulthood;
She leaves this old father on a certain day,
And breaking the rules, with her lover, she runs away!

He becomes nearly paralyzed,
His heart breaks to cold pieces like ice,
And he thinks, he ‘was’ a loving father,
And he ‘was’ a proud father!

A child relieves its pain by crying to its parents,
And so a wife to her husband,
But a father has none to stand,
And thus, his tears dry within his broken heart!

This is the pain frequently given by proud daughters,
This is the pain frequently received by poor fathers,
And this pain of a loving father
Is the Most Tragic Pain in the world of Love!!

Once, she was a proud loving daughter,
And now, she’s a proud loving guy’s lover!!!

The poem is copyrighted. Dipankar Bhagawati(Stephen Styris),

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5 Responses on “For The Daughters – From The Fathers”

siobhan eyers says:

lovely poem i love it

Aswani.oscar says:

i love this poem and also i love my father very much

Anie says:

Love yEw papa jeEeeEe….:))

sadia says:

“A son is a son till he get himslf a wife .bt a daughter is a daughter all her life!!!!

maricar munar says:

thumbs up

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