You And Me This And That

Looky her
It’s the same ole give and take
You and me.this and that
Same ole ball of wax
Hiding under a different hat
Ah.looky here
Another year same ole game
We always play
Time comes and goes
All the words we say we know
When we dance there’s no leads
Memory knows every step
It always seem to serve us well
We fidget here and there
Seeking ways not to cares
But when trouble brews
We’re the first one standing there
Passion ebbs and flows
People come and go
We move on knowing that
We always know ain’t that
What family’s are for
Here we go again it’s the ole
Give and take some ole ball of wax
Hidding under a different hat
We both know the reasons why
We’re so quick to deny
Though their running out
And new ones a harder to come by
With you and me this and that
It’s the same ole give and take.

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