Just Bring That Smile-You Have Right Now

I came to you just like
You said you wanted me
If I ever needed an ear and shoulder
To help pull me through
But as you listen to my words
I saw blankness in your eyes
And I knew you no longer cared
I had waited too long
Somehow what you had said was gone
I don’t blame you at all
This all falls one on me
I’m the one who put off
Whatever we could be
How many times can an open heart plead
Swing open it’s door
To have them ignored
Too late to ask that now
The outside handle’s been broken
And no longer exist
Too much silence without one kiss
But I’m truly glad new light there
When you mention a name
As a telephone rings
I can hear in your voice
Everything I wish
And should have put there
No.no don’t hang up
Stay happy and say hello for me
I’ll slip away with errands to run
I’ll say you another day
And we’ll chat real soon
Just bring that smile
You have right now…

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