Its The Same Old You And Me

There’s not a whole lot happening here
That we haven’t seen before
It’s the same words we always hear
Trying to open the same old doors
You’d think there’s be something different
Something would have had to change
But it same old you and me
That we both know just will never be
Round and round till we come back again
Maybe this time hoping to see a change
When you ask me how I felt
I just gonna say
But the words stumble around
And could never quiet find their way
You smiled and pretended to
But our eyes they really knew
Just will never be
Someone looking on
Might think we really care
We’ve even fooled ourselves
A couple of time but
When the light of the day
Comes shining through
It’s always so bright and clear
It’s the same old you and me
Just the same old you and me

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