Before We Even Blink

Amazing what time gets done
With it being so fleet
Is there anything you and I
Can say or do
To avoid looking back
We look at time
As though doesn’t exist
And right before our eyes
Before we can even blink
It’s left us standing here
Wondering where it went
How could have it spent
On such foolishness you and I
It didn’t even say goodbye
Look at all the things it’s done
Healed the hurt and brought love back
It change the way we look
Brought us people different homes
So many things that have come and gone
How did it so much going by so fast
Turning our moments into our past
Just amazing what time gets done
With it being so fleet
We’ve barely move out feet
Yet live a life
With so many years behind us now
That let us wondering how
Our today’s become yesterday
Before we even blink.

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