The Scorpion

Slowly, I creep into your thoughts,
bringing about a transformation,
Then, I reign over your senses,
controlling your actions.

Slowly I spread my poison,
you develop my induced stings,
by developing sanguivorous instincts.
you throw your nation to the winds,
by extending hands to the fiends,
drawing all national virtues and treasures
into your own treasury,
camouflaging yourself with a mask,
which you call it as politics.
It is me creeping into your nation
In a national scale,
bringing about your destruction.

With my mission accomplished,
I leave you poisoned,
both in your spirits and actions,
by my poisonous stings,
bearing on your thoughts my imprint.
Then I creep into other nations,
for my mission is
utter destruction and complete elimination,
of human population and virtues,
as I am the scorpion.

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