The Glorious Gift Of God

A precious little flower
that is in constant bloom
I watch as yet another milestone
around the corner looms.

I received a special gift.
A blessing from above
God sent me a small wonder
Wrapped with love in a glove.

Her eye’s are like diamonds that would twinkle,
Glittering the smiles with tender sprinkle
No mother can forget her baby’s first smile
Which brought me the freedom from a long pain’s exile.

Her rosy red cheeks,
Just as big as they could be
As I held her in my arms
And watched her drift to sleep

It seems like only yesterday
that we shared a breath
but now it seems like tomorrow
you will leave and I’ll be left.

The tiny little angel is my Rushi
that always is in flight
came in my life with bolshy and flashy
you brought me so much light.

Your beauty is so stunning
your smile makes me melt
I’m so proud to be your mommy
it’s the best I’ve ever felt.

Oh perfect little princess
with you I’m so in love
every night before I dream
I thank the lord above.

How did I get so lucky
to have as sweet of a gift as you
If ever you should need me
there’s nothing I wouldn’t do.

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5 Responses on “The Glorious Gift Of God”

paromita says:

Its for my little angel-Rushi…..I LOVE YOU DEAR……

Clairvoyantdestiny(Jhoyce) says:

warm and comforting.

sukhdeosingh says:

veryvery nice n hearttouching.

shirun says:

touching poem!!

jitesh saharan says:

Very nice hearttaching poem

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