My Sweet Little Angel

Joy, happiness and so blessed by God is how I felt
On the day you were born, my sweet little angel.
Hearing your laughs makes my world filled with laughter, too.
Never would I want to hear you cry for sorrow but for joy.
Every time that you smile, I smile more.
And when you cry, it breaks my heart and cries more.
Hugs and kisses of you is what I always crave for.

Having you as my daughter is such a God’s gift I treasure.
And my life won’t have a dull moment with you that’s for sure.
Never will I let any harm comes your way,
My sweet little angel, oh you know how you’re so dear to me.
I promise I’ll be a good mother for you as the best that I can be…

JOHNEAH HANMI, you will always be my sweet little angel and the best gift God has given me….

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8 Responses on “My Sweet Little Angel”

Domenic Marbaniang says:

It’s one of the best mother’s poem I’ve ever read. God bless you Juneah!

Juneah says:

Thank you so much Domenic. God Bless you too… take care

arriane says:

being a mother,i really feel each lines of your poem,it is from the heart.really for a mums heart….you take care….god bless!!!

Keith says:

this was really great! hope you can make more of this… i like all your poems!

Pheliswa Gamede says:

Thank you for all these words you have combined and come up with something very good

myra white says:

that is so sweet

Ruth Iipinge says:

I like the poem and its content!KEEP IT UP

Jennifer estillore says:

very meaningful… I LOVE it..Thank you Juneah. nice one! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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