What If

What if tomorrow
The world had changed
As though in the twinkle of an eye
Just suppose all of a sudden
So many people were gone
Some you knew,some you didn’t
Some who left you feeling alone
Just vanished without a trace
Leaving you not knowing
If they were safe alive or dead
Or coming back
What if soon there after
Came a man (Jesus) who explain it all
Encourage peace throughout the land
Said in peaces name
Said we should be all one
Who promise what
Say seven years of peace and goodwill
If all we did was follow him
Oh!what if
Half through the seven
He seem die yet live again
And showed himself as he is
Instead of how he seem to be
What if the seven passed
So did the peace and the promises
Till it all fell apart
And all the world life
Faced in one fatal spot
So much to that unless
Those days were cut short
No more would follow
Seems so absurd to even
Ask about what if
And twinkling eyes
So easy to laugh and scoff away
And just live for another day
Without ever wondering
Or considering what if.

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