Spoken Word

Being unable to participate
during the worship service
is a poor spiritual sign.

Unwillingness to offer praise,
while standing in His Presence,
shows a deficient of new wine.

For the obvious silence
reveals an apparent lack of Faith
and failure to know God’s design.

A desire of heavenly passion
cannot resonate from within,
when not letting your love for Him to shine.

For the true strength of one’s belief
is confirmed only by the spoken Word –
Provided it’s not diluted with some earthly whine.

The tongue, always will unwittingly confess,
the secrets of our hearts, to see if…
One is actually striving for the Lord divine.

Author Notes:

The phrase “a deficient of new wine” is not a reference to the alcoholic product. It is regarding the “spiritual wine”, which is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

When we are intentionally sinning, the presence of God leaves us, hence the deficient state.

It should also be noted, that there are moments during the “worship service” where we should not be silent. When participating in the “song service”, the singing of praises to Him should be vocalized – hence, the “spoken word”.

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