Rule My Heart!

The sun doesn’t fail to discern its east,
Neither does it wander from its west;
How meticulously, Lord, You rule the heavens!
Unfailing Lord, rule also my heart!

You give the birds their shelter,
You give the lilies their shades,
You bless this earth with dew from heaven,
O Gracious Lord, bless also my heart!

In deepest oceans, where darkness prevails,
Your mercies are constant ever;
Neither science nor fiction can ever change
What You have fixed in nature.

But, what a contrast is man!
Falsified by sin, confused in sorrow,
Childish he remains, shifted by winds around!
Each idea blown impels a reaction,
Each egoistic flow propels a revolt,
How stubbornly do these thoughts engross
A heart that’s molded by its own flames.
Diversity, how frail you are!
You can neither crawl nor stand.
For, when from Truth you were unchained,
You fell to ways that lost their path.

Let Your Truth prevail, O Lord
O’er every segment of my life!
Let Your Spirit rule over
Every space of my heart!
For these laws of nature may be dismayed,
But Your goodness endures forever!

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