Original Sins

Those multitudes of sin are
variations on a theme –
A reflection of the heart’s wickedness
and all the evil that Satan deems.

He himself, suffering from hatefulness and hurt,
does exploit physicality’s weakness in Man.
For Satan’s attacks continue from his being –
Eternally condemned and forever damned.

In a false semblance of our God,
the count of unique sins is three
in a twisted parallel of…
The sacred number of Trinity.

Opposing the Christ in wilderness’ testing
he perceived the Lord’s flesh failing,
but not the Spirit’s strength in handling
a confrontation with the Kingdom without ending.

These concepts -the Earthly Pride of Life
coupled with the Lust of the Flesh and of the Eyes-
maintain our separation from God
as the Devil manipulates, through deceiving lies.

The boldness of the Savior’s Truth
and the Christ’s everlasting victory
(as demonstrated by Him at Calvary)
provide True Life, when you just believe.

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