Thank You My Child

My child do you know
What make me the happiest?
Happy means to me
Is more than pride myself
That I’m the best mother
Or lay my life for you
It means “I love you” first all
Watching you grow up well and strong
When you share with me
Your joy and sorrow
When you let me hold your hand
The jokes that make us laugh
It means a lot to me
And that I honor you
You are the anchor of my soul
Inspiring me to fulfill life goals
Life’s queer with twists and turns
But your sweet smile and supportive love
Always make my day
You’ve seen me laugh
You’ve seen me cry
Many claim to love and care
But everything falls on deaf ear
You were there when no one was
You show’d me love when no one care
You nursed me when I was ill
You gave me strength when
My world is hurt
You gave me life long inspiration
To stride ahead with pride
You nurture me with passion
Displaying virtues of compassion
You love me at my worst
When you whisper in my ear
“Mummy,I will always hold your hand”
Where would I be with you?
But more than words can say
I am your number one fan and
I’m more than proud
To claim you my children.

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Revathi says:

last lines of the poem THANK YOU MY CHILD are nice and interesting.

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