Am I so Blessed

How can there be an end
when each day just begins
all these year’s
i’ve been alive
have faded from my view
life as i knew it then
ended in three firsts
i never thought would be
first i looked upon your smile
and heard your gentle voice
then i felt how you touch
quickened every part of me
and life as i knew it
would never be again
now each day
GOD has given me to live
the first thing i always do
is smile just to look at you
how am i so blessed
to have you in my life
take in all you say and do
then lay with you at night
watch you fall asleep
i always wondered if
i live long enough
to learn a little grace
maybe discover what
it means to live
now each day i see it
right there in your face
it said am i so blessed
i often smiled upon
thus it is i am
each and everyday.

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