You say I’m your girl, and you will always be there.
But everyone comes first and that’s just not fair.

You say you love me and I’m always on your mind
Do you really expect me to believe such a line

You get mad cause I yelled and I cussed,
But you don’t have time for me but everything else is a must.

When it comes to me you just never have the time,
I’m always last I have to wait in line.

You say you love me with all your heart,
But you never spend time with me, We are always apart

I bend over backwards and do what I can
Guess I was stupid to think you would be my man

I come over and visit and call on the phone
But lately it seams you want to be alone.

I say something to you and you whine and cry,
But Lately I feel like I’m living a lie

If you really love me time will tell,
But being without you is like living in hell.

I want you with me for the rest of my life
I had my heart set on one day being your wife.

You need to be a man now and show me that you care,
Cause when you finely grow up I might not be there.

I refuse to do nothing but sit around and wait,
When you decide you want me it might be to late

I’m not the girl to put up with this stuff,
I’m almost done and have had enough

You decide if it is really meant to be,
If you feel it isn’t I will set you free

I don’t want you around if your feels are fake,
So tell me now before I make a huge mistake

I honestly love you and that’s not a lie,
But if your heart isn’t in it lets say good bye

Category: Break Up Poems

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fhel says:

yes baby is it?do you believe this “POEM”?

johancapiau says:

hi.. this is for you…

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