Will Miss YOU ..

Hopes shattered, crashed dreamz.
Words unsed, haunting memorys.

Those b’ful tyms, ur velvet voice.
Some ignited moments, hw i miss.

Unfulfilled expectations, burning desires.
Pain unbearable, love incomplete.

A gap foreva, no one cn fil.
Da soft cornr,vil alwz be.

Cherishd momnts, nevr replcd.
Ur touch, i cravd.

U wre da trophy i wishd.
Bad luck repaid my evil deeds.

Heartless u, crazie me.
Senseless cribbing, unfortunate indeed.

No mattr wat u did to me,
De bst chapter it hpens to be.
Sands of tym may cum nd go,
U’l b remembered by stupid me.

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