Trusted You

You knew what you were doing
right from the beginning..
you saw me as an object you ought to be winning..
i fell for you fast.. thought i was in love.. thought it would last..
we talked for hours on the phone..
pouring out secrets no one would’ve known..
you had earned my trust that anyone could tell..
and now for you my heart fell..
i knew everything about you.. i could even read your tone..
despite all this, i ended up alone.
i refused to believe that we were just physical…
i though our love had been a miracle.. i had trusted you.. and though you were the best..
for you my heart fluttered but you didn’t love me nonetheless…
true, i was just another girl to be added to your egos collection..
but i thought you really loved me..
you had givin me affection..
truly you had stolen my hear without permission.. like a child’s insatiable desire for sweats.. you had been to my heart as it beats..

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brenda says:

remember it

dianne says:

i like your poem!c:

Ambit says:

I’m touch with your poem.

Ambit says:

I like ur poem.

FAFO says:


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