To My Friend


Still now when I think of you,
Streams of tears roll down my cheeks,
Still now when I think of our lost friendship,
I’m totally lost in a tragic world of breaks…!

Whether you miss me, I don’t know,
But that every day and every where I do miss you is true,
Whether you believe it or not, but I’m not gonna show,
But throughout my life, I’ll hopefully wait for you!

Belief, faith, understandin’ and misunderstandin’ —
These are the words now I feel like hatin’,
Because of these words’ improper use,
Has most probably compelled my lovely friendship to diffuse!

I ne’er had a single thought that our friendship’ll ever break,
May be for my own carelessness our friendship had to wreck,
I agree it was my fault; now won’t you come back?
Cos’ I madly need your friendship, and that’s a fact!

I smile and laugh in the light,
I jump and play in the day,
People think me as ever happy and ever gay,
But do you know all the night I weep and cry??
Only for you whom I ne’er wanna say goodbye…!!!

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beeee says:

_Good day!!
Oh it’s nice story…

sachin says:


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