Standing Strong

you told me you loved me
you told me you cared
you told me you wanted me
you told me you wont leave
you said your love will never fade

but boy that’s all you did was toy
with my already fragile heart

you started to look away
when you said ‘i love you too’
you started not to care
when i cried in front of you

you didn’t want me around
you pushed me away
you mocked me
you teased me
you made me feel like dirt
you lied to me
and you didn’t care how
much i hurt

that’s it, i finally had enough
I’m not taking it any more
so here, take your stuff
don’t come around any more

oh no, oh wait, i made a mistake
that’s all i wanted was you back

i begged and i pleaded
to give me one more chance
yet here you already moved on
you have been all along
your memories haunted me
just wishing you were here
i was blinded by all the love
that just wasn’t there

but boy now I’m better
I’m leaving you behind
and never looking back
I’m stronger now
I’m moving on
and finally standing strong.

Category: Break Up Poems

2 Responses on “Standing Strong”

alisha says:

hey,budy,d poem is really very nice…………same story wid me……..

marites calixto says:

i love that poem…

moving on’ that’s all we can do..

im not begging you to stay ..

thanks for coming into my life..

you made me stronger …

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