So I Can Say!

It’s not my fault
That you have no good intention
Or no respect for others.
Whatever wronged you did.
So. I can say.
I don’t take weight of how bad
You’ve reacted upon my conscience
It was unfortunate and embarrassing
But that’s yours to keep
So.I can say
What matters is that
I didn’t do you any harm
nor a bad intention
I most certainly don’t let you
Affect my feelings
I’m a bigger person in this situation
And your harbouring unkind thoughts
It’s not my fault
That you labelled me something I’m not
So. I can say
Things like this happen in life
But I don’t dwell in what you did
I’d dust myself off
Keep my head up and surround myself
With good people
So.I can say
And I have my true friends
Who cares and stood by me
And it’s not my fault
That now you’re all alone
With no one to claim your friend…

2 Responses on “So I Can Say!”

kate says:

I will keep only 6 words from ur beautiful poem ”Things like this happen in life”…no my old friend…things like THIS dont happen if u dont attract them..and yes im resbonsible of what i did , im responsible even of what YOU did…writting poems…accusing me …yeah..u are the older in this situation ..but i was supposed to be Kate…but i wasnt …i let you did what u did…and u are right when u are accusing me..ITS MY FAULT..but pls keep a last advice from me…even from a person without good intention..”life is wonderful,dont let things breake ur heart,try to face them…stand up and fight or sit down and sleep.”

kat says:

It would be honorable for you and for me if u had written it as an answer and not as a delirium. i have the willingness to explain,answer,apologise…only if u want to..this is the last time…i wont try again…i dont wanna say big words…i said enough…so..i can say….its up to you.

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