Mind Games

Then you walk out the door
the rain pours and pounds the earth
you say you will be back when i call
when i need you, you will by my side stay
but right now she beckons
damn the woman you say
its like she is breathing down your neck at all times
its me you love and yearn in the midst of the storm to comfort
mind games, mind games

if you dont want her why is she gotta call you in the night
where do you rush off to in the middle of our lovemaking
dampened ecstasy
you see, i scream at you because you dont see
oh how well you see
you say you will give me time to cool
underneath it all you know its yourself you are giving time to cheat
then i need you back
what in hell’s name do i need time
im confused by you
im angry at you
i love you you bastard
qiut playing mind games with me
you are damn good at it too
mind games, mind games

then i take a paper and i think
then i take a paper and i write
go forever you jerk
today a haze has been lifted
no more will you toy with me
mind games, mind games

Category: Break Up Poems

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