Lost …

Defeatd, heart brokn ,,
I’m tird, lost it all ..
No one to share ,, no one cares ,,
cn’t tolerate more ,,
Ds lonelyness ,, it bn so long ..

Da killng silnce
Da useless effrts
Neva endng tears
helpless hopeless talks

Sands of tym running lik a big sea’s waves ,,
Diminishng d hppy imprints far far away ..
Days & Nights pass ,, darkeness stays ,,
Painful blues ,, hurt all along da way ..

Smilng outside ,, inside I’m cryng ,,
Mis da gud old tyms ,, oh! I’m dyng ..
Lyf’s bullyng ,, ech step slaps hard ,,
cravng for sm wrmth ,, its bn so cold & harsh ..

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2 Responses on “Lost …”

kristin says:

i feel ur pain old fwend ive ben there and itz tearing u apart just like itz tearing me

sonushonaa says:

nothing without you

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