It’s The Tried And True

Frankly.I don’t see
any point in embarrassing you
by making a big fuss
like you always do
over one or two
even a few foolishness
I figure you have
enough common sense
not to repeat yourself
like a broken record
I’d decided to watch you patiently
to see if you are practical enough
to profit by your past errors
to test you and give you a chance
to prove your worth
my willingness to give you
a fear break and never judge you hastily
I won’t expect miracle overnight
nor I will mind if your a little slow
I keep loyal and willing to waste
plenty of huge supply of patience
but you’d pushed me too hard
It’s the tried and true
so enough is enough
it’s what you made me and
nothing can change my mind now
realising you’re not a friend
that worth for keep
and so this is the end of it
I won’t glance behind me
and there won’t be sheepish
returns to try again.

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