In The Beginning, In The End

See, at first I thought you were the one,
The only one for me,
I thought that you would be my last,
Because you set me free.
At first I thought that you were mine,
The one for the rest of my time alive,
I thought that our love and friendship,
Always would survive.
At first I believed with my whole heart,
That we would never be apart,
I believed we’d never be able to drift away,
But then again, that was the start.
Towards the end I started seeing the truth,
I saw that these things were lies,
Hidden carefully beneath our lust,
And behind awkward sighs.
In the end the silences grew longer,
The sparks began to fade,
We saw we weren’t meant for each other,
And wondered why we stayed.
As the end was coming closer and closer,
We knew we’d become attached,
You see, we’d taken our two hearts,
And together we’d made them latched.
In the end we had to break them,
In order to take them away,
For with one heart not in it wholly,
The other could never stay.

Category: Break Up Poems

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Shay says:

This is very wonderful I love this poem so much it describes how i feel

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