I Thought You Were My Friend

When we first met
you immediately took charged
and barked orders
my first thought was
“Yikes!so power hungry
I was content to just
go along with the flow
I revealed myself to you
not just extraordinaire.
a self confessed
and a crazy fashion fashion-nerd
but also an odd loving and caring friend
while you on the other hand
a moody and seem to have
always a difficult patch in life
the many time you’d ranted
accused me for being cold.
unsupportive and uncaring
I knew you hated it
whenever I just look at you calmly
and that I’d never asked you
If you’re alright.but you see.
I doesn’t mean I didn’t care
but I thought you were my friend
and I didn’t want
to intrude your privacy
like you always do
I knew you needed help
I understand your weak with insecurities
I’d never make it obvious
but I wanted you to be strong
but frankly I’d never thought
you’d do such things
the back stabbing and all that
and so that’s the end of it
It never really bothered me
that we no longer speak and
I just go about my life and my thing
the friendship that we once shared
It was yours to break and so
that’s the end of it
it’s what you always wanted it to be
the all about you rather than us
from beginning to the end.

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