In my imperfect ways
I’d never look for perfection
and I’d tried to let you see
that people are more accepting
than you give them credit for
Blinded by your own good deeds
it’s amazing what would
come out from your mouth
You’re a mix of hypocricy.ego
and cruelty selfish
you’re a blamer-who blame other people
for your own failure and unhappiness
and cannot consider
what’s true and real
an act utterly
insulting and name calling
because it easier to stick with pride
and swallow reality that way
a sharp tongue doesn’t
make you a good being
you’re a big bully and
Whether you realise it or not
You have hurt my feelings
I thought you were my friend
I’d learned to love who you are
But I also learn
that I am now happier
without you who expect me
to play a lot roles
and make me feel terrible all the time
at the end of the day
I found out that I still have
my true friends who stood by me
despite your allegations
they remained loyal and protective
and I love them dearly…

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