It’s six o’clock in the morning
I was in a hurry to go to work
And as I enter the terminal train
Someone behind grab my hand.

I was so shocked that it was you
Because I never thought of seeing you
You said to me “can we just talk?”
And so I look for a chair as I walk

Then we sat by the terminal chair
With lots of people passing by
You seem so lost and want to cry
Then you beg for our love not to let it die.

You cried and cried, try to convince me
You cried and cried and tell me you love me
You hold my hand so tight and won’t let go
But I beg you to please, let me go.

I’m so sorry for not giving you another chance
Because my love, you already had it once
You said you’re sorry for what you’ve done
And yet you blame me for why this has come?

I swear to myself I won’t let you see me cry
So it would be easier for you to forget me by.
I have to be strong and firm with my decision
I have to do this; someday you’ll know the reason.

Then finally you stop crying and stand up
But you throw something at me before you walk fast
It was a picture of you with a poem from me
Living it crumpled like my heart, and then you left me.

Is this the way you want it to end?
Living me behind like a piece of shit?!
I never thought you’d do such thing
To live me behind as if I was nothing!

I am nothing, yes, that’s what I am to you
You just made me realized my perceptions are true
I never thought it would end like this,
You just left me there without a bid of farewell…

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MR DIET says:


MR DIET says:

I just want to talk you to make everythings clear.please..for the last time

benforever says:

its a good one,,nice really nice

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