Away Gone…

You were having heart so soft, I was of stone.
When I wanted to say something, you were gone.
Gave others false smile in reality heart’s crying on.
To stop you from going away I never dared.
Things which hurt you, I never ever sought or cared.
I want to be so close to you, but you, going so far away.
You’re surrounded with bodies, am really alone.
My heart Want to be with you, but are far away gone.
May you’re gone; I’ll die, to see you in arms of another one.
Have felt love in heart yours, may you too be alone.
Have seen the silent tears, May you’ve not cried or so on.
You’re moving eyes from lies, before I speak, you were gone.
Words I want say, how could else have put you on.
Without giving me any chance to improve, you were gone.
Want make right, you proved to be a stone, ‘n away gone.
Desire to have you, with you, it’s also away gone.

(c.k as oliver)

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