Mouth Organ

Kaustav found a mouth organ
Among his gifts in class seven, that year,
Given by his dad
Amongst many other possessions near.
Silently he circled his dad,
Staring at the new thing.
How would be the usage of one chosen
To make his small heart sing?
Circling the organ yet once again —
He looked so small in the rift —
Examining each new treasure,
He got excited at his new gift.
Carrying it from room to room,
He kept it always near;
The silvery little tunes he played
Were such a joy to hear!
With years of many instruments
And much, much music made,
I wondered if he remembers
Those first notes he had played.
His eyes lit up as he recalled
The silvery notes, tone and fun —
The love for music he had gained
From that small mouth organ.

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paromita says:

Carry on with more love and dedication…

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