A Great Day 18 July

Day has arrived for we waited long,
To wish a lady who’s better than all,
To wish i love from so long.

She is calm and coolish,
But sometime little foolish.
She cares for all and loves me too,
Cancer love her but virgo too.

I bow my head to GOD
Forgive sin she committed all,
Don’t let our true love to fall.

See Goddess Venus,Stars and Angels
Are in queue to wish a day.
Virgo stand miles away with blank hand,
Happy to see cute smile on face,
We all pray God always stay her with charming face.

Always she laugh….. wrinkles stay,
I wish moment to stop and day stay.
So we all wish a lady on her birthday,
Who’s better than all.

Category: Birthday Poems

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narendra singh says:

good thought

narendra singh says:

good one my dear

neeru singh says:

good use of dirty brain

aatif khan says:


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