Don’t Give Up On Me!

Don’t give up on me
I see what’s you’re reaching for
We shared a dreams that we hold on
All these years
I was holding on and
I love you even more
Don’t give up on me
Hand and hand we’ll walk
Till we find our way
Night will come and go
But shines will always be there
Don’t give up on me
There’s a kindness of your soul
I love you till this day
Than you’ve ever know before
Impossible it may be
Just don’t give up on me
One day we’ll reach a life
That both of us will see
Was worth all the sacrifice
Of not giving up on me
So come walk with me
There’s a fear in your eyes
That I will never see
But come take my hand
Put worry all aside
In return you’ll see
How purely you meant to me
You’re my everything
Just don’t give up on me.

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Julius says:

thank you so much, it feels lovely and awesome. cheers please keep it.

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