The Conversation With The Angel

To introduce myself I should not be so shy.
And fortune finding means begin to live…
I see an Angel flying in the sky,
The Angel always comes on Holly Eve.
I see and cry because he`s full of light,
He smiles to me and looks into my eyes.
His mind is clean; the spirit shines so bright,
He flies by me and even speaking tries.
– Oh, do you want to know a real goal?
But I cannot to say you everything,
I see your face and look into your soul,
I hear every song your thoughts sing.
Your way is chance you never pass away.
And now you`re staying on a real side.
You can just sleep or even crying may,
But every time you have not to decide.
I know your way; your dreams soon will be true
And even if you don`t believe in them,
You always have from me a useful clue,
You never go away into the fen…
I keep your heart in my hands every time,
I go with you on pathway through your life.
And each your tear forever will be mine.
When you send one smile then receive all five.
I listen to the Angel`s voice and cry.
The sky has opened broadly Holly Gate.
I am so happy and to answer try,
But I cannot, because myself I hate…
– You must to love yourself, the Angel says,
Because you are a flower in this site,
Because of you all Angels have a mess,
Because all people`s souls for us are bright.
I look at you and see a little child
Who wants be happy, loved and has no fear.
I am by you today and always mild,
I`ll help to fall in love and to be there…
Don`t be afraid to go another world,
Say everything you keep in funny head,
Don`t be afraid of truly kind word,
You are creative but don`t get the mad…
I wish all people see my face in heart,
I wish you have someone to be in love.
Please, learn this rule, it isn`t very hard…
And do your love, just speaking isn`t enough.

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