I Gift You Your Angel

I Gift You Your Angel!

It was some seven and a half years back,
I met a good girl and we became good friends,
But that good friendship and her dormant love now I lack;
And now, even my faintest shadow she hates!

So man, you’ll no more have to wait out the door,
Cos’ I won’t love her any more,
For now I know what is truly true…
That you love her and she wants you…

Come on man; get back to your old road along the coast,
Re-step into the beautiful world you’ve always loved the most,
Rain will shower on both of you and wash off all your pains,
And I’ll stand by your side and towel off all the toxic rains!

I gift you your love, I return you your Angel,
Just be a good man, and she’ll be ever happy and well…!

Stephen Styris
Bongaigaon College, Bongaigaon,Assam…

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3 Responses on “I Gift You Your Angel”

Juneah says:

nice poem

nisha says:

realy an awesome poem

Stephen says:

thanx… 🙂

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