All I Want Is A Beer

It was hot and dry and dusty. To make matters ten times worse there was a beer shortage. A rep walked into a bar and ordered a beer.

“Are you an RC?”

“What difference does religion make? All I want is a beer.”

“What I meant was, are you a regular customer?”

The rep admitted that he wasn’t and walked down the street to another pub. Once in the bar he said to the girl:

“I’m an RC, and I want a couple of beers.”

“I don’t care about your religion, but where are your glasses?”

“I don’t wear them.”

The girl was exasperated.

“Beer glasses, mate. Ours were all busted last night in a brawl.”

There was one pub left in the town. When he walked into the bar he spotted two glasses on the window sill. He grabbed them and took them to the bar. The barmaid looked at them.

“What are you trying to do? You’ve had your quota.”

Submitted by ravinder.

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