A Lot Of Soap

Finnegan returned to his old home town on a visit. While he was there he looked up his old friend Hennessy, who had the general store. He noticed as he went in that the two display windows were jammed full of soap. The two old friends greeted one another. As they did so, Finnegan saw that every shelf in the store was stacked with soap.

“Gosh! You’ve certainly got a lot of soap.”

“You think so? Look at this.”

He took Finnegan through to the storeroom which was also full of soap.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much soap.”

“Come with me.”

Hennessy lifted a trapdoor and took him down some steps into a huge cellar, which was jammed with soap from the floor to the roof.

“Gee! You really must sell a lot of soap.”

“No, I don’t actually. But the fellow that sold it to me— boy, could he sell soap!”

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