Before Wedding vs After Wedding

After Engagement
He: yes, i waited so long for this.

She:Do you want me to leave?
He:No don’t even think of it

She: did you Love me?
He:Yes, i did,I’m doing & i’ll do

She:Did u ever cheat me?
He:I’ll die then doing it.

She:Will u kiss me?
He:Surely, that is my pleasure

She:Will u hurt me?
He:No way, I’m not such kind of person

She:Can i trust u?

She:Oh Dear

To know After Wedding
>>read it from bottom to top.

Submitted by Rose.

13 Responses on “Before Wedding vs After Wedding”

cierra says:

funny i liked it



Amarjit says:

wow! this is the reality by a man side. what a joke!!!!

sarah says:

nice joke lol love it 😛

shhhh says:

very nice i love it

chavi says:

oscum, superb joke…

lovely says:

wow that’s the reality of man

Roslyn Rao says:

dat was gr8….
i realy like it..
it shows da truthness
of a man..hehe

rumi says:

Nice.WEll thought of.

saryu says:

superb ..i laughed tomuch..fantastic..supeeeeerrr

ruz says:

zis is y i dnt wana mary

sudhir says:

superb and reaLISTC LAUGED ALOT

ohnad says:

not 2 all of men… I am like dat.. Stil, a very well thought of joke… Nice

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