Men Jokes

Reporter interviews a man

Reporter interviews a man: “Sir, you’ve lived next to this highway for 20 years, do you feel that it has somehow influenced you?”

The man: “NOOooooo, NOOoooo, NOOooo…”

A cannibal is invited to a teambuilding week in the mountains

A cannibal is invited to a teambuilding week in the mountains.

The instructions say he can also bring one friend.

But when he arrives, he brings ten people. The organizer is shocked: “Come on Alan, what the heck, the invitation said you can only bring one person!”

“Yeah, but it also said bring your own food, didn’t it?!”

Do You Know

Bantu : Do you know? I was stuck in an Elevator for 10 mins due to power failure
Bablu: You are so lucky! I was stuck on an Escalator for 30 mins due to power failure !

Old Man Pass Smile to Old Lady

Old man: Son, bring my teeth.
Son: But dad, food is not ready.
Old man: No,
I don’t need teeth to eat food.
I just want pass smile to old lady next door.

Before The Shop Opened!

Judge: Why were you arrested?
Man: For shopping early.
Judge: Well, that’s not a crime. Anyway, how early were you shopping?
Man: Before the shop opened.

Height Of Thinking

Height Of Thinking
Two Friends Failed In 10th Study Again N Again.. ..
1st Friend: Lets Suicide Oohhhh!.
2nd Friend: No Waaaaays !
If V Suicide Than In Next Life Again
We Have To Study From ’Pre Nursery’ :'(

Someone Was Irritating Me

Sonu: Someone was irritating me by sending dirty messages
Monu: What did you do?
Sonu: I changed my number and sent him message “Now you can’t send me message”

I Lost My Purse Yesterday

Sonu: I lost my purse yesterday; there was 2000 rupees in it
Monu: Don’t lie there was only 1000, I counted when I went home!
Sonu: It’s not about the money, Find that person

Girl Friend Birthday

Sonu: Today is my Girl Friend birthday, what should I give her??
Monu: How does she look?
Sonu: Very Beautiful
Monu: Then give her my number!!!

You Are A Cheater

Sonu and Monu went to a picnic and found that they forgot Pepsi at home
Sonu: Go and bring pepsi within an hour
Monu: If you promise me that you don’t eat Samosa then I go
Sonu: Ok
Sonu waited one hour, two hours, three and with hunger took a Samosa to eat in his hand
Monu jumped up from behind and said “I know what you are a cheater, thats why I didn’t go”