Judge Jokes

Before The Shop Opened!

Judge: Why were you arrested?
Man: For shopping early.
Judge: Well, that’s not a crime. Anyway, how early were you shopping?
Man: Before the shop opened.


Gabbar : Kitne Aadmi the ?
Kalia : Sarkar 1
Gabbar : Aur tum ?
Kalia : 100
Gabbar : fir b wapas aa gaye woh b khali hath,
kaun tha woh ?
kalia : RAJNIKANT.
Gabbar : Oops ! sorry bhai…

Prove You Were Not Over Speeding

Judge: How can you prove?
You were not speeding your car?
Man: Sir, I was on the way to
Bring back my wife from her mother’s home!
Judge: that’s all, case dismissed