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  • Heal A Broken Heart

    Heal A Broken Heart

    It takes time! Here are some basic tips. Make sure you also read the articles, which you can access from the side menu.

    Honor how you are feeling. This means that you should not pretend that you are ok, when you really aren't. There is nothing wrong with crying.

    Communicate with people that care about you. Make sure you share how you are feeling. Do not underestimate the support that these people can provide.

    Exercise regularly and take care of your health. Often times during the period of having one's heart broken, health may be neglected. If you aren't careful, this can only make things worse.

    Some people like to travel.

    A great way to move through a broken heart is to spend a lot of time doing something you really love. This can be a hobby, work, or anything! If you keep yourself busy you will find yourself moving through the pain faster.

    Above all, give yourself time. This type of healing can't be rushed. If you want to restore the relationship, make sure that you figure out why it went wrong before you rush back into it.
    Happiness is journey not DESTINATION!