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  • The truth is..

    I don't know why I feel restless
    I don't know why I feel alone
    even among thousands nevertheless
    Some times I'm lost in my life
    My heart voices void quite rife
    I don't know why
    Can't express sometimes feeling shy
    The moment I saw you my soul got wings to fly
    In every thought you my side makes me high
    You are the last thought my eyes see
    And the first name my mind hides in Lee
    Every time I see myself
    My thoughts always wander with yourself
    Always want to be with you
    Witnessing every dawn as new
    searching for a magical clue
    When our souls are uniting without a cue
    The only question that pesters
    what happened to myself in clusters
    After soul searching many days
    Arguing with myself in many ways
    I found the glorifying fact
    The truth is I'm in love with you...