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You Touched My Very Soul....

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  • You Touched My Very Soul....

    You touched my very soul . . .

    Thereís a day Iíll remember forever..
    A day Iíll hold so dear to my heart
    The day you came to my life.
    The day we started our love.
    I felt I started my life all over
    To a better part I didnít know
    I know Iíll remember the day forever
    Not forever, but for another day more..

    I held your hand for the very first time
    And in return you held mine
    I saw the tender look your eyes gave me
    I knew that it was all for me..
    Your gentleness made me fonder of you
    Your smile brought smile to my face
    Your touch made my heart leap
    Itís just..
    I canít find the words
    To tell how much you mean to me..

    But answer this one simple question
    Why did you leave me?
    Was it my fault or was it yours
    I still canít believe..
    My heart is broken to pieces I know
    But still Iím holding it for you
    Why couldnít you simply see?
    That youíre leaving a heart that loves you, true..

    My heart still waits for you,
    Waiting only for you to return
    Not a little, not a lot
    But it loved you so much more..
    I just want you to know Iíll always love you..
    Just bícos..

    You touched my very soul . . .