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Full Name
Navdeep Kumar Toora

Nick Name
Deep, Sonu, Sunny, Navi


Any thing more about you..?
Contact me on yahoo, if you need to talk.

Pictures submitted by Deep Phagwara

311 Responses

thx for bless…….. my dear frnd

your welcome sonam ji 🙂

plz dnt cl me ‘sonam ji’ bcoz m not this mch gre8 who preffered this wrd ‘ji’………..
wl plz tl me tht 2 whom u give mch importance in these days except ur family plz tl me nly true otherwise dnt tl…………..

hi sonam ji dont be think like that ….

well except my family i give importance to my loving & sweet friends…….

sorry i was busy in function n my id is

itz ok preety 🙂

have fun dear 🙂

hiiiiiiii…..deep i like ur comments so much so keep it up………

Thanks Roop ji 🙂

God Bless You …..

hye deep…..main tohanu apna frd bhanana chundi aa…..pls merii.d nal contect kro….….pls

Hi Hasrat gill ji thnxxx for comment..yeah sure we can be frnds 🙂

sat shri akal DEEP Ji,
Brother I like ur all the graphics, Can u plz tell me how to add punjabi text in pictures. Bcoz I am also very fond of poetry and I want to customize some pictures.

Please help
Thanking You
Jaswinder Sohal

hi! deep how r u ,u looking vry cool in this pic

hi jaswinder thnxx for ur comment …..

first u have some punjabi font in ur computer or what device u use…

if u have then when u going to write firstly u select that font ..then itz easy to write if u not get my point u can mail me i’ll ex-plane u more

thnxxx again 🙂

Thankxxxx preet im fine how are u ?


Ssa ji,ki haal aa ji

hi Prb im fine …how r u ? 🙂

u r rock yrrrrr,,,,,,gud luk..wid a attitude……keep it up deep,,,,,,,,

thank you nav deep navi 🙂

deep g bhut sohne o tusi….rubb ne vehle tym bhanaya a tohanu…pls meri i.d…te requst karo te mere frd bno pls……gud mng malko……….

Thank u Hasrat ji 🙂
ok ji take care good bless u 🙂

Hai Nav
“i hope ur fine…”

hai nav i like ur profile..its very nice and attractive..if u dnt mind plz add me as ur friend

Hi Suni Thank You dear 🙂

hiii deep ji

Hy Deep! H r u? I m very impres 4m ur personality , u r 2 god i wana know mre about u(if u dnt mind)


me too!

Thank You Preet,Honey and my dear Prbjot ji

hey honey what u wanna know about me more ?? ask me ?

ssa deep ji ki hal aa tuhade

SSA Mandeep Kaur Bains g ,haal bahut vdia g tussi apna dasso ki haal aa ..

thnxx for comment 🙂

hi!handsome hwr u?

hi 🙂 Prbh im good ..tussi dasso ki haal aa ?

all is well there ?? hope everything cool there 🙂 😉

hey ur comments r really so nice
i wish for u will happy in ur life

hi Aman 🙂

thank u for ur comment:)

god bless u n stey blessed

hlo g kida jnab

Hi sonam main theek thnxx 🙂

tussi dasso ki haal chaal aa tuhada …

kithe ho ajj kll


hahahahahaha Prb huh 😛

heloo deep….u comment is really gud n the way of talking is so nice… i need a good frnd….becoz everytime i choose a wrong person…will u be my frnd????plzz rly…..

Hi Sarah thanxxx for the comment …well we talk before ?? i don’t mind tobe ur frnd ..thnxx again 🙂

hey deep………….me tooo frm phagwara…….lolzzz……osam job yr,,,,,,,,,,,,,keep it up……

Hi Reet Thank u 🙂

where u live in phagwara ….

hiii dear ,i really like your comment if u r free mail me ….

no we have nt chat before deep n thanx fr wat …thanx to u to rlyin me…..

Hi Neha thankx for ur comment …..

sorry g i don’t have your e-mail id

u can mail me at

thank u again

hi sarah

how r u ? 😀

Hey buddy,,,,,, nice pic

Hi Anmol

Thanks Buddy i Appreciate 😀

Oh bacheyo sudhar jao.

hehe kida brchare munde nu pareshan kita pya saarya ne hehehe bechare thnxxxx karda karda thak gya huna

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