Never Trust Girls

Never Trust Girls
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but yr ik gal aa, jehda dil tutan to baad pain da swaad aa oh vi sala nazare aala hi aa, pehla ta eh pain boht painfull hundi aa, bt haoli haoli eh pain ik nashe wangu lag jandi aa, jehda apna hi swaad aa, jado kade vi saali di yaad aaondi aa, dil ik dungi jehi dungai ch ja rehnda, eh saroor na bhuki na afeem, na daruu na smak ch hai. sala eh pyar da anokha hi fanda ae, jado yaar naal hunda oh vi siraaa, te jado shad janda oh hor vi attttt…..
aj vi dil eho asissan dindaa …
” Mojan kar sajna, Jithe vi hain khush reh Gudi”
” Jiondi reh biba, Rabb tainu Munda deve”..

hummm 85% girls r not trustable..!!!!!!

you are right brossssss

Maximum girls like that…. they want always money! money!! money!!! they don’t want to understand what is love. they just using a boy only for money. If you are unable to fill their needs, then they will left you. They don’t see how much you struggle for her. they can forget you only a days…
“So be careful on a girl” ……

Nakhroo jatti

Oyeee !! All girls aren’t same ….at least girls are not like boys player, flirty type, and SELFISH……
i agree wd u as u hav observed the same , but still u have to miles, don’t loose ur temper, don’t afraid, make urself brave, if u feel required or any need , then i will come for ur help. lOVe yOu

ladki jab 16 saal main apne baap ki na hue

to humari kahan se hogi

That’s exactly what a women is…I got cheated by a women after 6yrs of relation ship…brothers be careful…u never know what’s gonna happen with women…they start comparing u with others…they go on searching for d better one….the most irritating creature on earth…


99.9% girls r not trustable..!!!!!!

Hey Guys, What ever it is..!
No one in the world are not PERFECT. At Girls, all boys are Cheaters as well as At Boys, all girls are cheaters.. Actually the problem is U all Guys are Cheated by Some X person(Boy or Girl).. that’s why U all guys are fighting here hahahaha.. JUST KEEP SMILE n enjoy ur Every Second;

oh hello for your kind information sab ladhke bhi ek jaisa nahi hote hai.or tum ladhkiyo ki waja h se ladhko ka future barbad ho jata hai wo apne study me concentrate hi nahi kar pate kabhi girls ke wajah se .

Hey don’t say anything wrong about girls. Boys are more cheater than girl . My boy friend also cheated me. I love him truly but he only time pass with me .

kisi b larki par yaqeen na karo q k wo hoti he bewafa hai

plz boyz never trust on girls,,,

U r right Mr. Sugkar Dev,…. LOVE IS GREAT IF WE GET PERFECT MATCH…..

i m in favour of nakhroo jatti….:)

frnd i want to say plz grls pe viswas na karna ok itna hi btaunga ok frnd

Don’t share our secrets with any girls.better you give that in a news paper…because both are same…. girls are often say that,”they know how to keep secrets, they are trustful”…….never trust that kind of bad girls………this is a good lesson that i learned from my near past….

Boys only knows how to ditched n play wid a girls heart….
As my bf done bt he leave me to ditch another girl… N nw she is also doing tp wid him as he does wid me but i love till m alive…
So love bt dont be abused urself

i agree with rahul n thnx alot

ol girls are fake.every girl is a liar

Jis trah (sun purv se niklta hai)bat sch hai usi trah ye batbhi sch hai……

I don’t know y girls forget everything that her bf did for her. I was in a relation with a girl for 5 yrs. She was not at all fashionable, i made her with my efforts. She left me cos she got a good job and i hadn’t and she started dating a guy in her office who had a car and i was having a motorbike. Moreover she thought she looks better than me. I think majority of the girls are like this.

Ya… Its right !

Not all boys and girls are like that few of them do the mistakes but all are blamed. I have came across with both good and bad so accept the good and try to avoid and forget those who hurts you which is not so easy.

maybe……veenu….but one thing is ex-gf is a big cheater on earth….


Girls Are More Cheaters Than Boys. My GF also cheated Me. I Love Her Truly but She only Time Pass With Me. I Was In A Relation With A Girl For 3.6 Yrs…She Cheated Me…..She Started Dating A Guy in Her Office….Girls Always Looks For Better….one

Girls Are More Cheaters Than Boys. My GF also cheated Me. I Love Her Truly but She only Time Pass With Me. I Was In A Relation With A Girl For 3.6 Yrs…She Cheated Me…..She Started Dating A Guy in Her Office….Girls Always Looks For Better….one

u r right

Right srihari bhai, girls are always behind money, they always compare their bf with other men. Girls think that they are more emotional but dats wrong boys are more emotional than girls.Girls only know how to use boys and play with their heart.Sahi kaha kisi ne, “365 CHARITTAR NAAR DE”….Never trust Girls

this pic is right. girls pe kbhi bi trust nhi krna chahiye . loveship or friendship me dono me girls pr trust nhi krna chahiye.


I’m a girl too, but I’m not supporting any side, few girls like to playing with boys feeling, some for money yeah tats true, but in my experience girls are very week, once they fall in love, they believe on guys and do what ever guys want, guys can get another partner in life and forget the past but girls don’t.

seriously every girl is not like that… har insaan ki majboori hoti h………. girls k liye majbooriya boys se jyada hoti h.. i think bahut saari problems hoti h jo ham boys ni samajh sakte. but exception always…..

all girls are same….its true

Girls (specially engineering) always play with us, when they get off they catch another one for there enjoyment as if we are popet.

Grls r bloody emotional players

sry miss nakhroo jatti
girls are cheater they ply wth our emotions, trust me i hav experienced it, she just simply deleted me from her life, withut even informng me…

gals r the best………………

all girls are chaloooooooooooo

Who says men are more cheater according to the latest census 68 % of gals cheat…and yes i am one of the victim…

girlz are always cheaterz

Yes..all girls r same tipe & cheater , selfis bcz i hav exprnc all grl cheat with me. So i can’t blv any girl & plz frndz don’t trust girls

well it’s a true picture of a girl………

gals nt trusted one guy nt enough for gals i agree wid u guys

Ladki ya bharoseke layak nahi he. kam he to I luv u kam nikal jaye to I hate U .Musibat ke time ladkia selfish ho jati he aur aapne bf ko dhoka de jate he.

all girls r opportunist………

i have love with a girl name priya singh but she is hurt me and marriage with other person because he is money party i am give her full authority to take or withdrawal money form account but she will want more maey

Please dont believe girls blindy we can believe snake bt nt a girl

my girl mng ful talks with me. . . Nit with others with her secret number. . . Don’t trust girls. . .

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